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Are you getting enough magnesium?

18 July 2012

Magnesium insufficiency is common in the UK, with the median intake being only 228mg/day.  This is considerably lower than the new recommended daily allowance and could be contributing to the growing number of people who develop diabetes, cardiovascular disease and other degenerative diseases as they get older.

The topic of magnesium inadequacy - how to recognise it and what to do about it - will be explored in the new nutritional seminar programme that kicks off in September. The seminars are open to all healthcare practitioners and are held at the Royal Society of Medicine, in Central London.

Whether you work in primary healthcare, or are a complementary health practitioner, you are sure to find these seminars highly topical and informative, as well as being a great networking opportunity. Or, if you are a patient concerned about these issues, you may find it helpful to alert your nutritionist, osteopath or physiotherapist to this seminar series.

Six events will be running between September and November. As well as the UK's magnesium crisis, the series will take a close look at the role of nutrition in gum and dental health.

For more information please click on the Events tab. Hope to see you there...  

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