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Can you slow your rate of ageing?

13 January 2014

Getting older is inevitable. But whatever your current chronological age, you can still take action to slow the rate of degeneration that accompanies the passing years.

According to current scientific evidence, the key determinants of how well you age are not your genetic inheritances. Rather, ageing is governed by how your genes’ behaviour changes, over the passing years. While your genetic code remains constant throughout your life, your genes can start to misbehave as you get older if they are exposed to the wrong diet, supplements and lifestyle.

This process of genes altering their behavior is called ‘epigenetic change’ and is the focus of a phenomenal amount of research on how to slow down our rate of ageing; including staving off cancer, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and other age-related degenerative conditions.

If you are a healthcare practitioner interested in this important area, why not book onto one of our full day events on Healthy Ageing, which are taking place during February to May 2014? We’ll be exploring the various different influences on the rate at which we age and on our likelihood of suffering the pain and disability of age-related chronic conditions. We’ll then be looking at some key strategies for healthier ageing, taking account of the evidence for each of the interventions proposed.

The events are held on behalf of Lamberts Healthcare Ltd and take place in London at the Royal Society of Medicine. See the events tab for more information.

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