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Functional Nutrition in the Kitchen: Nutricentre Talk 9 January 2013

11 December 2012

The recently published Functional Nutrition Cookbook rejects the notion that there exists a standard ‘healthy diet’ for all. Instead, it takes the premise that we are all biochemically unique, and that we therefore have individual dietary needs.

The authors Lorraine Nicolle and Christine Bailey will be running a session at the Nutricentre, London W1, at 7pm on Wednesday 9 January 2013, in which we explain the concept of tailoring diets to meet your individual needs. The book is designed to aid practitioners and their clients with meal planning and recipe provision; as well as to EDUCATE and MOTIVATE people who need to make dietary changes to improve their health. During the evening there will also be a food preparation demonstration using ideas from the book.

For more information see http://www.nutricentre.com/t-video.aspx .

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