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How to Power Through the Menopause

30 December 2015

The New Year sees the return of Thrive Alive, the exciting Day Retreat for women in mid-life.
Thrive Alive is an inspirational one-day workshop that I run with my colleagues Ellie Brown
(the personal fitness expert) and Dr Kate McCarthy (the women's health specialist). The event
is specifically for women in their 40s, 50s and 60s; those who are peri-menopausal and those
who are going through the menopause.  Last year's event also included some younger women, who
were interested in what was going to happen when they reached that time in their life.
Ellie and I wanted to put on a "retreat" for women where the topic of the menopause could be openly
discussed in an empowering, engaging and positive way. The menopause transition signals
forthcoming change in many different guises: there are physical changes to the body, as well as
cognitive and emotional changes. For some women, there may also be changes to family dynamics
with children flying the nest. 
All this can lead to a sense of loss; hence we wanted to show women how these years can be
harnessed and turned into the best, most exciting years of life. 
Change can be inspirational. It can create opportunities for new directions.
Being passionate about the immense power of targeted exercise and personalised nutrition,
we use the Thrive Alive workshops to get women to recognise the power they have at
their disposal to really make a difference to their lives as they move into the next phase.
The first Thrive Alive was presented in January 2015 to a group of 32 women from around the
country and was received very well by those who attended. Here's some of the feedback from
the participants:
The whole day was superb, with a variety of 'areas of focus' that were all informative and engrossing.
A good balance of fact gathering, hands on workshops and plenty of breaks. Excellent lunch too! 
I really enjoyed the day and definitely felt 'alive' by the end of it.
It exceeded expectations and I found it very positive and affirming of being in my 50s.
Came away feeling energised and very well fed
I enjoyed the exercise session best but I took a lot away from the nutritionist talks.
The question and answer session was informative and it was good to have the doctor's
point of view too. Great to have such positive, warm, approachable female speakers.
There was a good variety to the day and it was presented well by both Lorraine & Ellie
who are experts in their fields. They made the sessions fun & informative. I didn't feel
overwhelmed at the end of the day as you sometimes can after a whole day seminar. 
I would love to come to a follow up in the future and would recommend it to my friends & family.
I thought it was a good mixture of the informative and the fun. The Q and A was really informative
and it was great to have the doctor's viewpoint. 
If you'd like to take part in this inspirational day, click here for more information and for booking:  http://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/event;jsessionid=5A57414C742AD5E23A7D6EC45DF07C2D.worker_registrant?llr=56xw7rrab&oeidk=a07ebocbk6x99577f38.

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