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Nutrition events for healthcare practitioners

28 December 2016

Back by popular demand, we have 3 exciting topics to bring you for the start of 2017, live at the Royal Society of Medicine in central London.

Whether you work in primary care or complementary health, you can't afford to miss these full-day seminars on how nutrition can help some of the most prevalent and debilitating health issues of our time: cognitive and emotional issues; female homonal imbalances; and autoimmune diseases.

Each of these events will be opportunities to discuss the most cutting-edge scientific findings on the role that nutritional interventions have to play in these types of health issues. There will be discussion on diet and lifestyle factors, and on the judicious use of dietary supplements. Evidence from the peer-reviewed journals will be included, as well as case study information and practical tips that you can use with your clients straight away.

These seminars all sold out very quickly the last time we ran them; so to avoid disappointment, click on the events page and follow the directions to secure your place.

I look forward to seeing you there!

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