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Nutrition Events This Autumn

21 September 2014

What is the latest research on how we may be able to slow our rate of ageing?  What's the very best way to improve or even get rid of gastro-intestinal wind, bloating, loose bowels, constipation and other symptoms of IBS?  How can you manage muscle and joint stiffness and pain; and keep your bones strong as you get older? 

These questions and many more will be discussed and answered at our full-day events for healthcare practitioners, held throughout the autumn. There are 4 events in Central London and one in Manchester. Feedback from previous events has shown that they provide a great way to enhance knowledge, pick up some very useful action points that you can implement immediately, and get connected with other like-minded nutritionists and health professionals.

Sadly, the London events are almost completely sold out already (although wait lists are in operation if you'd like to join those). But the Manchester event has only recently been added, so there are still places. Don't delay - go to the 'Events' tab and book today!

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