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Want to know more about gut health?

07 August 2013

If you are a healthcare practitioner (conventional or complementary) and would like to deepen and broaden your knowledge of gastro-intestinal health, you might be interested in the full day CPD seminars we are holding at the Royal Society of Medicine in Central London.

We will be reviewing the most up-to-date evidence on how to identify and address common gastro-intestinal imbalances (like poor gastric acid output, microflora imbalances, leaky gut and problems with bile production/bile flow). By tackling such imbalances, significant improvements can be made not only to 'functional' GI disorders like excess wind and bloating, but also to medical GI conditions and whole-body symptoms related to inflammation and toxicity.

Due to high demand, we are also re-running the full day seminar on female health.

For information on dates, times and how to book any of these sessions, please click the events tab.

Looking forward to seeing you there... 

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