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What a Fabulous, Feel-Good Day

07 February 2016

This weekend we re-ran our game-changing Thrive Alive! event, together with two top quality colleagues: the renowned fitness expert Ellie Brown and the women’s health specialist Dr Kate McCarthy

We were joined by 32 mid-life women, for an empowering Day Retreat in Greenwich. We day included:

•Diet and lifestyle advice for enhancing hormonal balance
•A new fitness & mindfulness programme tailor-made for this period of change
•Cutting edge medical insight into all aspects of the menopause
•A mouthwatering, super-healthy lunch prepared by top chefs
•Live demos of energizing recipes from the best-selling book Eat To Get Younger
•Getting connected with like-minded women who are keen to embrace life’s changes
•Re-discovering our joie de vivre!
Thank you to everyone who came along and made the event so rewarding!

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