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Corporate Nutrition Advisor

Reduce levels of stress and absenteeism

We can devise and implement workplace nutrition programmes as part of your employee welfare scheme; and to help increase staff retention and productivity and reduce levels of stress and absenteeism.

Corporate work in recent years includes running nutrition workshops and seminars for employees, researching employees’ needs regarding healthy eating in the workplace, auditing employers’ on-site catering facilities, holding healthy food tastings and running workplace nutrition clinics for employees to use.

Clients have included City institutions, major law firms, a global telecommunications company, performance coaching consultancies and a food supplement company. 

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With many years’ experience of working at management level within large corporates, Lorraine has a good understanding of the stress levels experienced by employees in today’s difficult economic environment. Having worked in corporate communications and 'change management', she is used to working with professionals at all levels within an organisation.

Workplace workshops and seminars

We regularly run nutrition workshops and briefing sessions as part of employee welfare programmes. The aim has been to train and engage employees to better understand matters of health and nutrition. Recent topics have included:

  1. Improving mood and energy levels
  2. Immune system health
  3. Cardiovascular health
  4. Weight loss
  5. Are you getting enough vitamins and minerals?
  6. Reducing your toxic load
  7. Natural radiance (skin, hair, eyes and nails)

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Research and audits

Recent work has included:

  1. Designing and delivering a nutrition audit of the staff restaurant facility of a major law firm.  As a result, recommendations for improving menus, ingredients and cooking practices were implemented, with the aim of maximising the health, quality and variety of meals and snacks available to staff.
  2. Holding healthy food tastings in a staff restaurant and being on-hand to answer any staff questions about nutrition. The aim was to introduce people to types of healthy food that they may not otherwise have tried.
  3. Undertaking ‘snap’ research of employees’ views regarding healthy eating and how they feel their employer could help them to eat more healthily at work.

121 nutrition consultations

We have provided on-site nutrition clinics for businesses keen to offer their employees access to personal nutrition consultations. The focus and timings of the consultations can be adapted to suit the needs of the particular workplace programme. For example:

  1. A major City institution engaged us to provide comprehensive, personalised nutrition advice to a handful of its key executives, as part of a wider intervention programme to maximise the workplace performance of these individuals.
  2. We have been part of a team of health and wellbeing advisers at a corporate ‘retreat’ for some of its most valued employees. The focus was on educating and training these individuals in techniques to reduce their stress levels and enhance their performance.
  3. We currently provide a periodic ‘nutrition surgery’ for a London law firm, allowing employees to drop in to discuss particular nutrition issues that are relevant to their health.


We regularly provide high quality nutrition and health content for articles, leaflets, websites, books and specific educational materials. We have many years’ experience of researching complex technical information and distilling the key points into readable and engaging text.

Recent work for businesses includes writing material for training courses, educational leaflets and workplace intranets.

Nutrition Books by Lorraine Nicolle

Books by Lorraine Nicolle

Lorraine writes and edits nutrition books on how eating the right foods and nutraceuticals for your individual biochemistry can reduce the risk of chronic illness and lead to a healthier, happier life.

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