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Lorraine Nicolle regularly provides high quality nutrition and health content for articles, leaflets, websites, books and specific educational materials

She has many years’ experience of researching complex technical information and distilling the key points into readable and engaging text.


Some recent articles include.

Focusing on Functionality: how to get better results in nutritional therapy.

Published in: CAM Magazine, Vol 12, Issue 8, April 2011

To read a PDF of the article click here.

Nutrigenomics in Practice

Published in: The Nutrition Practitioner, Vol 10, Issue 3 (2009)

To read a PDF of the article click here.

Obesity: a Very Individual Conundrum

Published in: Today’s Therapist

To read a PDF of the article click here.


Lorraine has recently co-authored a cookbook, full of information on how food influences body functions. It contains meal plans and 130+ recipes for improving health, including a CD-Rom for practitioners to print recipes for clients. The new cookbook, entitled The Functional Nutrition Cookbook is available from Amazon and all the usual booksellers.

Lorraine has also co-edited-authored a well-reviewed nutrition textbook Biochemical Imbalances in Disease.

Educational and training materials

Lorraine researches, writes and delivers lectures, seminars and workshops in the areas of healthy eating, nutrition science and biochemistry.  She has taught on a number of university degree programmes and college courses and regularly runs nutrition training sessions on behalf of a variety of businesses and institutions.  For more information, and a calendar of forthcoming events, see Education and Training Services.

Nutrition Books by Lorraine Nicolle

Books by Lorraine Nicolle

Lorraine writes and edits nutrition books on how eating the right foods and nutraceuticals for your individual biochemistry can reduce the risk of chronic illness and lead to a healthier, happier life.

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